(22 - 28 August, 2016)

Eco Health Retreat

Our Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda retreat was held at Shanthitheeram Lakeside heritage resort, Alappuzha. We had prepared a Spiritual package dedicated for those who were looking for the true peace of mind with the help of Yoga, Ayurveda and Nature. Our program offered a 7 day itinerary packed with Healthy living lectures, Yoga sessions, Oil massage, Local sight seeing, River boat cruise, Swim in backwaters, Scenic village walk, Temples & Ashram visit, Sunset at beach, Learning Indian cooking, etc. Kerala also known as God's own country is an ancient and beautiful state situated on the southwestern coast of India and has also emerged as a popular holiday destination of India. Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. Alappuzha (Alleppey), referred to as the Venice of the East, peaceful and pristine is famous for its breath-taking backwaters and canals. The beautiful nature and exquisite setting all around the backwaters of Alappuzha  is conducive to meditation and mind expansion. 




​Hamsalife yoga retreat in kerala gave me an opportunity to experience the mystical mother land. The retreat was organised in a thoughtful manner with utmost care and attention. Raj's leadership and insight have helped me to learn more about yoga and meditation and most importantly, I learnt a lot about myself in this trip. Our daily schedule was well-organized. The retreat was nicely balanced between the gentle yoga, meditation and group inquiry exercises, while still leaving us some time to explore the beautiful land and squeeze in an occasional nap. The south indian meals were very delicious, while eating in silence transformed my taste buds and awareness of what I was actually consuming to an entirely new level. I highly recommend this retreat/experience to anyone who would like to join.

I am glad that I had chance to experience Yoga with Hamsalife Retreats. I met precious people, ate great vegetarian food, learned more about myself and Yoga & Meditation. Telling the truth just like a little child I was feeling sad and grumpy on the last day and when it was time to leave I could not stop my tears. I have never ever guessed I could feel that much love, care from the people I just met, it has been few days since the retreat finished and we are back to our daily life but I am missing my friends, the great food and physical and mental inspirations. I have been working at travel and tourism industry for years and I realized that none of our teachers were working they were all experiencing the retreat with the group, all they were trying to do was to make us more comfortable when it was time to work for them. I appreciate Hamsalife team for being themselves and I hope from bottom of my heart I could have a second chance to attend the next retreat to get together with my lovely friends and know new precious people who are walking on the same path.


I am Dinithi and this was my second retreat with Hamsalife and Teacher Raj. When I first discovered the retreat would be held in sacred silence, I wasn't so sure if I really wanted to attend. I love to talk and get to know new people, especially individuals I'll be spending several days with. However, I pushed through my apprehension and was rewarded with a profound, deep inner-peace I have never known before. The silence turned out to be much easier than I thought it would and was actually very soothing. I was amazed at how quickly the "incessant voices" quieted in my mind just by becoming a still and silent witness to everything around me. Thank you Raj, for a wonderful one year of yoga. Now I know I will not only survive but be stronger, more aware and more at peace. Yoga will be a part of my life always." I am always aware of my good fortune to have you as my teacher. It is because of yoga and because of your dedicated, conscientious, centered, intelligent, compassionate and wise instruction that I have been able to regain health, hope and wisdom personally. Your teaching and heartfelt sharing of knowledge makes this a much better community."

Dinithi Wijesuriya
Sri Lanka
Alex Damm

The yoga retreat in Kerala was pretty amazing. We spent a week at a nice resort on a beautiful lake practicing yoga, meditation and having philosophic discussion. The food was excellent and so was the company. I learned a great deal about yoga as well as myself. The practices were rewarding and enriching and the hosts were fantastic! They were knowledgeable, agreeable and as eager to learn and share as we (the students) were. The whole week had a familial atmosphere and I've finished the retreat with a bunch of new friends

I like to express with respect that this yoga retreat  was very well planned  for the well being of the students. I am so thankful to all the gurus. the location was so nice, calm, quiet and scenic. The staff o the resort were courteous and the food was delicious and food menu gave us the chance to enjoy all different types of dishes during the retreat. The meditation program was executed so well and there were times, when I didn't feel like opening my eyes and getting up and the insightful meditation brought my self to feel greater heights. The yoga postures were difficult for me as I have a bad back muscles and in-spite of that I managed to move because of the encouragement of the Yoga gurus. In my home, I would be confined to my room without much walking and physical movements but now I feel stronger and more positive with myself and my body. I look forward everyday to start my day with Yoga. Thank you so much for the spiritual upliftment.

Sri Lanka
River Tama

I have been studying yoga for many years but I felt more benefits to my body and mind in just one week practice during the retreat. The teachings from the classes were profound and insightful and the teachers were very knowledgeable and grounded. The retreat had a familial atmosphere from the start till the end. The retreat focused on steadfast pursuit of yogic techniques such as shat kriyas detoxing and cleansing. I very much enjoyed the Indian food though the spices in the food took me few days to adapt to it. This is really an amazing retreat and will remember it always for the wonderful moments and experiences it brought to my life.


I'd like to start by expressing my gratitude to all of the gurus and the resort staff who work 24/7 to provide a safe, sattvic and sincere effort to make this a beautiful retreat and legacy. I decided to join Hamsalife Yoga retreat as I wanted to visit India for many years; my call was simple as I was exhausted from overworking and I aimed to renew and refresh my practice longing for genuine spiritual inspiration to re-connect with Who I am. As a nature lover, Sun-worshiper and beach lover, the pristine magical location, teacher's wisdom, their teachings and delicious Vegetarian meal, and warm people from all over the world was an absolute blissful existence. My experience from the retreat was profound as I started receiving Divine guidance for life, the mindful lectures from day to day made my brain struggling to make space for all the information to process and digest, that was the start of my mental purification to let go my limitations and fear of failure. I experienced many of my old habits breaking down during the retreat; after a while I stopped worrying or thinking about anything else, stop wanting anything else, I was open to receive, learn and give. This is surely an one time experience for everyone and I recommend Hamsalife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am Sagarika and this is my second retreat with Hamsalife. I very much enjoyed my Indian trip just like the last one. Previously we traveled to north India and enjoyed the beautiful and breath taking mountains and this time completely relaxing myself in the god's own country, enjoying a beautiful lake at the back of the resort. The students in the retreat were such a handful of happy people with full of love. The retreat was fun-filled and I haven't laughed so much in the recent years as much as I laughed and enjoyed in the one week of retreat. I enjoyed the Indian musical night, singing and dancing with the music of Tabla and other Indian instrumentals. I enjoyed shopping as well and very much appreciate the retreat kit which was thoughtfully chosen to carry the memories of the retreat back home. I very much look forward to attend another retreat with Hamsalife again. 

Sri Lanka
Shao Ching

The yoga retreat in Kerala was memorable. We spent a week at a nice resort and the food was excellent. I learned a great deal about yoga and the teachers were open, caring and willing to help. I very much treasure quiet time of self study and reflection during the mindful meditation practices. After the retreat, I realized that the teachings I learnt are making more sense when I continue with my self-practice.  I understand that we are everything, we are huge, we are the infinite, all connected to happiness; when we feel limited, bound and small, we suffer; whereas when we expand and grow there are no limitations. I would recommend this retreat to all yoga aspirants as this is a life time experience with eminent teachers, scholars and gurus.  

第一天因為航班取消,在機場渡過了奇妙的一天,就像航站情緣一樣,渡過了漫長的12小時等待,終於從馬來西亞轉機到印度,下飛機後來到了夢幻的kochi,又經歷了車水馬龍的街道喇叭就像是招呼聲讓我對這個國度又更深一層的認識,一到度假飯店馬上進入夢鄉! 第二天才是精彩的開始,見識了印度傳統的祈禱儀式,也領了一袋以為是紀念品的花花手提袋,原來才知道是精彩的開始。 非常感謝rajakumar老師,教導的瑜珈潔淨法和呼吸法,讓我大開眼界也讓我重頭到腳完全乾乾淨淨,還有解釋瑜伽行者的瑜伽經典。 感謝Jai老師,的哈達瑜伽課程,還有一直陪伴在我們身邊保護著我們,讓我在瑜伽體位法調整或是挑戰有更多的認識和運用。 感謝anand老師,瑜珈哲學小故事跟靜心技巧,讓我在瑜伽這旅程中,學會尊重自己的內在,看心,外放的體位法只是一部分,更重要的是對自己的覺知。 感謝陪伴我的每一個同學,你們超級可愛,但天下無不散的筵席,終究得回家,離開或許是下一次更緊密的聯繫,這一趟的感觸太多太多了,要寫成小說才可以。 但短短的回憶文章就得放下很多,放下了,但持續生活下去!並且認識自己,覺知吧! 下一趟,繼續我的瑜伽行者旅程。

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