Rajakumar Sathappan

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”

Raj practises classical hatha yoga and teaches his class according to ancient yogic texts. His teaching style revolves around the overall wellness of a person and not just limited to the body. He has a unique way of blending dhyana, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and spirituality into each class. He helps students to get into the postures gracefully, explains the benefits of each postures and helps them to relax in the postures. His lightheartedness is contagious as he guides students to move easily to the next level of their personal practice. Raj specializes in yogic weight control by making use of holistic methods, such as water therapy, ayurvedic diet plans, shat kriyas (yogic cleansing) and fasting techniques. Raj inspires people to pursue health, happiness and eco-consciousness. 


" Yoga is life. The real practice starts once we roll back the mat. Go beyond the yoga body, progress towards the yoga mind and soul. (3H) Healthy Body, Holistic Mind and Happy Life. Be like a bird, fly gracefully crossing the man made borders. Freedom and Inner Peace are our true nature. Love what you do, then your work will become an art of your heart. There is no destination, Life is a journey. Happiness is more important than Success. So slow down, relax, chill and breathe the beauty of life..."  - Rajakumar Sathappan

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"Hamsālaya strives to create a global community of Yoga teachers; inspiring people to pursue Holistic Health & Happiness"

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