Prathap was born in a small town called Aruppukkottai, southern part of India. He fell in love with Yoga from a very tender age and his first yoga teacher, Mr. Sundaralingam had unbolted the access of Yoga witnessing the enormous physical potential in him.  The harmony drawn from Asnas was the motivation for him to learn Yoga. Being a diligent learner, he soon learnt that Asanas were like implanting the seeds to the path of Yoga, and Yoga philosophy was a nourishment; which hard-pressed him frontward to understand the real purpose of yoga. 


He subsequently continued his learning with his second Guru Mr. Alumuthu and later with Mr. Arunagiri. His Guru's taught him to look into our being in three different planes; such as Physical, Mental & Spiritual (Body, Mind & Soul). These teachings laid a new trail of learning which made him understand that yoga is not a mere system of physical practice, it’s a way of harmonious living.  He got introduced to Osho’s teachings which took him to a different flight towards the ultimate truth that Yoga is not only for harmonious living but to attain the ultimate awakening. 

"Learning is a never ending episode"

'A sincere teacher is always a good learner', which is true in Prathap's case who started sharing his yoga knowledge since 2002. After a few years of teaching, he came across Ayurveda, a holistic and traditional medicines as a way of treatments with no side effects at all; Ayurvedic medicines with pathya (regularizing the food) heals the ailments from the source. He supplemented Ayurvedic philosophy and Manta Chanting in his classes. He did experiments of some Meditation techniques derived from Osho and other awakened ones along with Yoga and Ayurveda. His teachings are so complete and comprehensive with these three permutation Yoga, Ayurveda & Meditation which helps students to grow in various higher dimensions physically, mentally and spiritually.


Prathap has been traveling around the islands of Taiwan and other Asian countries for teaching Yoga and conducting retreats, workshops, certificate courses including Teacher trainings in Yoga and Ayurveda. Presently, he is a full time yoga teacher in Yoga Journey, Taiwan.



My Reflections

" There is no other greater ecstasy, than to know who you are."


~ Osho


" Do not ask of yourself what the world needs, ask what makes yourself come alive. And then go do that."


~ Howard Thurman

" Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. "  


~ Kevin Kruse  |  +91-7799820233

"Hamsālaya strives to create a global community of Yoga teachers; inspiring people to pursue Holistic Health & Happiness"

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