Rajakumar Sathappan

Rajakumar Sathappan is a Holistic Health & Happiness (3H) coach and the founder of Hamsālaya Yoga. Raj is a self-taught yogi and a true believer of Yogic lifestyle; inspired by his grandfather to lead a healthy life, he practiced on his own for many years by reading books. When he felt ready to share his blessings with others, he decided to equip himself with formal training and attended the first group yoga class of his life. A vegetarian, vivid sportsman, loves travelling & music, enjoys reading philosophy, appreciates loneliness as much as socializing. As a universal citizen, he believes in the freedom of a bird and practices humanity, equality & compassion.

Raj is an IT engineer by qualification, soldier by profession and a yogi by passion. All alone under the dark sky lit up with millions of stars and surrounded by deep blue seas, he questioned the very meaning of existence and that self-inquiry process gradually led him to the path of yoga. Retired as a Lieutenant Commander from the Indian Navy after serving 10 years in the Military, he pursued International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) from National Chengchi University. He fell in love with the beautiful island and decided to teach yoga in Taiwan as it deeply resonates with his inner self. He has taught various types of classes and workshops for 2 years while working for Pure Yoga, Taiwan. 


“Each one has to find his peace from within!"
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“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”

Raj practises classical hatha yoga and teaches his class according to ancient yogic texts. His teaching style revolves around the overall wellness of a person and not just limited to the body. He has a unique way of blending dhyana, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and spirituality into each class. He helps students to get into the postures gracefully, explains the benefits of each postures and helps them to relax in the postures. Raj specializes in yogic weight control by making use of holistic methods, such as water therapy, ayurvedic diet plans, shat kriyas (yogic cleansing) and fasting techniques.


Raj has a keen interest on learning and sharing Yoga philosophy "Yoga without philosophy is like a fruit peel". Over the years, he has trained a lot of students transform into holistic teachers and also imparted deeper yoga wisdom to many teachers. Raj inspires people to pursue health, happiness and eco-consciousness. His lightheartedness is contagious as he guides students to move easily to the next level of their personal practice. Raj has successfully conducted Yoga Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Retreats in India, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore. Yoga is a blessing and he enjoys sharing it with others!

Raj's Reflections:


What's Yoga?

Yoga is life. The real practice starts once we roll back the mat. Go beyond the yoga body, progress towards the yoga mind and soul. Healthy Body, Holistic Mind and Happy Life (3H). Be like a bird, fly gracefully crossing the man made borders. Freedom and Inner Peace are our true nature. Love what you do, then your work will become an art of your heart. There is no destination, Life is a journey. Happiness is more important than Success. So slow down, relax, chill and breathe the beauty of life.

ABC's of Yoga:

A : Ahimsa & Awareness

B : Breathe & Body

C : Chitta & Consciousness

"Soul cry of a Wanderer: 

Peace is my search and the search is my journey,

This journey is my life, pursuit of happiness,

and I feel bliss when I find peace within"

"Known is a Drop, Unknown is an Ocean". 

‘I am not a teacher; I am a student. My life purpose is learning and

the only way to learn thoroughly is by teaching.' - Yoga Sadhaka Raj

Yoga Qualifications:


Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education (01 Year) - Bharathiar University


Advanced Teachers Training ( 500 Hrs ATTC) - Sivananda Ashram, Madurai


Diploma in Yoga (6 months) - Andhra University


Sadhana Intensive - Pranayama (2 Weeks) - Sivananda Ashram, Madurai


Yoga Teachers Training Course ( 200 Hrs TTC) - Sivananda Ashram, Madurai


Certificate in Yoga (3 Months) - Andhra University

Ayurveda Wellness Course (2 Weeks) - Sivananda Ashram, Trivandrum


" Health is a gift that you have to earn it Yourself, Nobody can give it to you." 

" Although actions may speak louder than words, it is our intentions that reveal our soul."

- Hal Elrod


" If your mind is limitless, then your possibilities are boundless..."