Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

The most beautiful journey within your body commences when you close the eyes!

Our bodies have difficulty to balance as there's a constant shape change happening inside our body due to breathing. Practically, our bodies are always in motion / action even when we are sleeping or meditating and the action continues till that one last beautiful breath of our life when the soul decides to expand beyond the limits of the body.

Hence balancing poses are more difficult than the other ones and by practicing this pose, we bring our mind to focus and concentrate as it is evident when you focus your vision on a single point ahead, then the balancing becomes simple. However, the most beautiful journey within your body commences when you close the eyes. This pose will give you so much of body awareness within no time as you close the eyes and the balancing will start to reveal the mysteries of your body as you travel through the 100 billion neurons or nerve cells which form a part of the nervous tissue (the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves).

The following simple pose has extra ordinary benefits for both body and mind. Try to stand straight with legs and feet together. Inhale deeply and lift one leg and place the feet firmly on the side of the other knee or close to the inner thigh. Bring your arms in prayer posture in front of the chest. While being an exercise in itself by strengthening the standing leg and increasing the flexibility of the lifted leg, it also tries to bring balance to the mind. When you practice balancing poses, you learn some practical lessons in how to get grounded, stay focused and steady your mind.

Caution: If you have difficulty doing this pose, stand close to the wall and take support of the wall till you build up strength and confidence

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