Sujal Sudarshan Patel has been interested in health and happiness for as long as he can remember. He was always curious about the environment, the nature of the mind and the various applications of the body. Sujal began doing Yoga primarily as another physical discipline amongst his other sports and recreational hobbies. As a youth, Yoga started to reveal its infinitely positive mental and spiritual outcomes and Sujal finally discovered himself in a new, truly integrated way. He read any scriptures that he could find in his parents’ home library, collected books on his visits to India, and dove heart-first into the teachings of India’s great Yoga masters. Growing up in the midwestern United States and making several trips back and forth to India, Yoga practice became a meaningful way for Sujal to connect to his true identity. 


Each practice and each visit opened his heart and gave him more happiness and more vitality. Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga - the blessing of Yoga was too much for Sujal to keep to himself. He first began voluntarily teaching Yoga at M.B. Patel Higher Secondary and Secondary School in Gandhinagar, India. Sujal was following the footsteps of his late great-grandfather, Purushottamdas “Daskaka” Patel, Indian National Congress member and social pioneer, who founded the campus on which the school was built. Sujal returned to the United States to teach Yoga and complete his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies degree, writing thesis papers on topics such as the commensurability of Eastern & Western religion; Nations, States & Boundaries; Gandhian economics; Yoga; and various expressions and modalities of World Art and Culture. Sujal received the ‘Yoga Siromani’ diploma from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in Madurai, India where he was given the name 'Sudarshan' and has since moved to Miami, FL. He is on his spiritual path sharing the ancinet yogic knowledge through yoga studios, workshops, events and teacher trainings.


“There is no Way to Happiness - Happiness is the Way."  ~ The Buddha


Sujal wakes up every day remembering the meaning of his gift, ‘one who removes ignorance and blindness and bestows true vision.’ Sujal relies strongly on his own personal practice and intuition to guide his instruction. His friends, students and family are also Sujal’s teachers, challenging him to strengthen communication, present awareness and self-control. Sujal teaches with compassion and non-harming and assists each individual to approach his or her own unique abilities and potential. His goal is to serve others by teaching how to calm the body, quiet the mind and bring forth the natural beauty of each spirit. In other words, bringing philosophy into action. Sujal’s aspirations are to continue practicing love and changing the world for the better; whether it is teaching the knowledge and skill of Yoga; inventing new ways to capture, store and use renewable energy; or helping people move forward in their lives with physical strength, mental stability and spiritual grace.




"Enlightenment is within reach of all” -The Buddha

My Reflections

“What is non-Being is never known to have been, and what is Being is never known not to have been. Of both these the secret has been seen by the seers of Truth.”

~ Bhagavad Gita, 2.16



“ Death is a mirror in which the entire meaning of life is reflected.”


Sogyal Rinpoche

“The Yogi, who, in the midst of raging storm and blinding spray, will keep his vision of the Sun undisturbed; and whose mind is so serene that thunder rocks him to sleep.”

~ Mohandas K. Gandhi  |  +91-7799820233

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